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Momentum Project España sigue creciendo con sólidos e innovadores emprendimientos sociales

Olga Porro (@Olga_Porro), coordinadora de Momentum Project España

Durante la última semana de este mes de junio, se realizó la segunda etapa de formación de la cuarta edición de Momentum Project España. Como ya se intuía, las jornadas fueron intensas y muy enriquecedoras para todos los participantes: emprendedores sociales, estudiantes en prácticas y mentores. En realidad, la calidad, la innovación y la ambición de los diez proyectos participantes de este año ya garantizaban que esta 4ª edición sería potente y conllevaría muchos desafíos a los cuales los participantes de Momentum deberían hacer frente.

En el proceso de selección de los proyectos de esta 4ª edición española ya se vio que las 10 empresas sociales finalistas serían unas candidatas de alto nivel. Durante el proceso, el equipo de Momentum Project analizó y valoró más de 100 candidaturas. A lo largo de los tres meses que duró el riguroso proceso de selección, se detectó que este año los emprendimientos sociales candidatos presentaban un mayor componente de innovación social, más base tecnológica y una mayor potencialidad para incluir un plan de internacionalización en su estrategia de crecimiento. Además, todas ellas ya presentaban un modelo de negocio auto-sostenible económicamente y tenían un impacto social y/o medioambiental probado. Read the rest of this entry »

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Impact Investing: you can have the cake and eat it

Nicolas Hazard (@NicolasHazard) is the Chairman of Le Comptoir de l’Innovation and Vice-Chairman of Groupe SOS. 

Dear social entrepreneurs don’t think that there is no money out there… Actually, there is plenty! In France, the public investment bank is setting up a €500 million funds for social enterprises. In Europe, €90 million will be invested in social business through the European Investment Fund. In Seoul, Mayor Park Won Soon made social entrepreneurship one of his main goals and invested €100 million on it. In the UK, Sir Ronald Cohen created the Big Society Capital with dormant bank accounts. As you can see money is flowing here and there. But, if you want to get this money, you will have to investigate first. You need to know who you are talking to. In the end, three different profiles of impact investors emerge: Read the rest of this entry »

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Social impact investing – can Banks do more?

Lisa Hehenberger, Research and Policy Director of the European Venture Philanthropy Association (@_EVPA_)

The European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) has just launched a new publication: Social Impact Strategies for Banks- Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment. We embarked on this research project for several reasons. The impact investing debate has picked up significantly in the past few years with a strong push coming from the United States and from financial investors who are incorporating a social angle in their work. We applaud this increased interest in generating social impact! However, we detected a gap in both the knowledge and awareness of social impact strategies pursued by European-based banks.  We are pleased to have identified both impressive and exciting venture philanthropy (VP) and social investment (SI) initiatives developed by European banks. These initiatives can serve as practical examples that can help other banks implement social impact strategies. We want more banks to invest more human and financial capital for social good – the report helps them do just that!

We are not naïve – we realise that banks have obligations towards their shareholders to make money. Core banking activities such as lending and offering savings and pension plans are clearly instrumental to keeping our economies strong and prosperous. But in the aftermath of the financial crisis, we ask ourselves: Can banks do more? Read the rest of this entry »

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Societal entrepreneurship: an agenda to reinvent Europe in a small world

Filippo AddariiDirector of International Strategy and EuropeLab at The Young Foundation (UK) and Indy Joharco-founder 00:/ & Young Foundation Senior Innovation Associate.

Societal entrepreneurship: an agenda to reinvent Europe in a small world

The European Commissioner for Innovation, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn. Photo: European Union 2014

Climate change, credit crunch, political disenfranchisement, youth unemployment, ageing society, mass migration, even the German energiewende – the policy to phase out nuclear energy – are all manifestations of global change and show the inadequacy of our current institutions to deal with the transformation.

This is our small world crisis. This is the cause of the crisis in Europe.

For centuries we commanded the destiny of the world, sitting comfortably on a stretch of land called Europe. We were able to extract value from across the world without seeing or sensing the impact of our actions. The outreach of our hands was greater than our sight. Like the bourgeois described by Engels in the Manchester of the first industrialisation, we enjoyed our lives concealed from unpleasant sight over the miserable lives of our neighbours. National borders protected us.

We turned Western countries in the richest ever in human history and left local communities far ashore to deal with the consequences of our passage. We lived in the illusion of an infinite world capable of serving our dreams and absorbing our waste; a world that was about to become a copy of our society. Read the rest of this entry »

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