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Humanities and management

Josep Maria Lozano (@JosepMLozano),  profesor del Departamento de Ciencias Sociales de ESADE, e investigador senior en RSE del Instituto de Innovación Social.

A growing number of voices and initiatives have been explicitly calling for the inclusion of the humanities in management education. Here, this still sounds like heresy or window dressing, if not worse. There are many types of dogmatists: for some, the suggestion is as useless as mixing oil with water; for others, it is a crude manipulation – end of discussion. But are we sure about that?

To those who would shut down discussion before it even begins, we could argue that in uncertain times, when calculation and planning cannot solve everything, it is essential to develop a refined and lucid understanding of the human condition if our organisations are to be viable. Hence today’s supermarket of coaching, self-help, emotional learning and various forms of meditation, where hogwash coexists with rigorous quality. And if such a market exists, it is because it fulfils a need not yet recognised by conventional education. That’s where the humanities come in. Read the rest of this entry »

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