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David versus Goliath: can individual consumers determine the success of a boycott?

What’s the key to a successful boycott? Most boycotts fail: companies have overwhelming power compared with the consumers who ask them to behave more fairly by refraining from purchasing their products. The reasons for this failure are diverse and complex, but most boycotts suffer from two issues: free-riders and the small agent problem.

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How citizens, companies and entrepreneurs are transforming Europe towards sustainability

Sonia Ruiz (@soniaruizmas), sustainability consultant and researcher at ESADE Institute of Social Innovation. Co- author of the book “Innovating in search of Sustainability: Citizens, Companies and Entrepreneurs”

According to the latest predictions, by 2030 the planet will be short of the resources required to power an economy that will have two billion more consumers. Poverty, food insecurity, climate change, biodiversity loss, water scarcity and environmental degradation are some of the significant global challenges facing the world today. How are companies and entrepreneurs innovating to face those challenges, while building a more sustainable Europe has been key question behind the European research project EU InnovatE and the main motivation behind the publication of this new ESADE study. Read the rest of this entry »

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