Do you know what a social innovation lab is?


In our 10th Annual Conference, celebrated last June 13th, we had the pleasure of hosting a round table about social innovation labs carried out by different national and international representatives who have wide experience in the social innovation labs field: Tim Draimin, executive director of Social Innovation Generation, Clara Navarro, co-founder of Ship2B, Bárbara Vallespín, director of the d.Lab program of Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Arianna Mazzeo, professor of social and digital innovation and Desis Lab Elisava coordinator.

During the first part of the round table, moderated by the researcher Kyriaki Papageorgiou, participants exposed their own labs, showing the differences between them. After this presentation, the moderator initiated a debate to answer some questions about the current landscape of social innovation labs and its future.

Don’t miss this interesting video to learn what is understood by a lab, why is it so valuable to achieve our social innovation goals, which are the challenges that need to be faced and which are the promising methodologies and strategies that could help scale and sustain social innovation. Moreover, you will know international and local examples of labs that are built to address in different ways the complexity of our contemporary societal challenges.

At this moment we are working on the research about Social Innovation Labs. Some new findings are about to come…we will keep you updated! ;)

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