You, and your team, can be creative

Queralt Prat-i-Pubill, Investigadora del Instituto de Innovación Social de ESADE

The latest Gallup report shows appalling figures: only 13% of employees across the 142 countries surveyed are engaged (creating value) in their work, worse 24% are actively disengaged (destroying value). We all know how difficult is to love one’s work, however,  If we want to have a chance to fuel our creativity and that of our organization, we really need to love the work we do, meaning we are engaged and motivated.

Given Gallup’s numbers, how can we, entrepreneurs and managers, develop creative teams? Well, really, “we can NOT”. The news are sobering, but real. The only way our organizations are going to survive is by being creative, and let’s face it: if we want our teams to be creative, we will have to work our brains out on how to make sure our teams become engaged. There is no way out of this conundrum; either our teams are engaged, cohered and motivated or our organization is being non-creative.

We already know some “failed” approaches we should not follow otherwise we will surely be deceived.

  1. Go and tell our teams “you need to be more creative” or “more engaged” or “more passionate” or “better”, and any other similar statements we can think of.

  2. Develop some incentives such as, among others, holidays, pay, job titles, prizes. Never work, I use a strong word…never.

  3. Any other approach from psychology. So forget emotional intelligence, coaching and all the alikes, that focus on the “leader” or key members of the organization. You might solve emotional issues, and might improve work climate but this will not mean that your team is engaged and cohered for creativity development.

The main issue with the above established solutions to engagement and motivation is that the problem of motivation and creativity is framed at the individual level, when in fact the problem is due to a lack of attractive, enticing collective project. Psychology does not have the methodological tools to work on collective issues, its focus are individuals or groups of individuals taken individually. Therefore it cannot create an answer to organizational engagement and organizational creativity development.

We have developed a different proposal oriented to develop the root of creativity, focusing in designing and developing collective engagement. It is not easy, because it is different, and it takes a bit of time. Also, it is demanding because it breaks down quite established brick walls, this is, our ideas and our teams’ ideas about management, teaming and creativity.  We have already developed the theoretical research, part of it can be accessed here.

We are currently looking for 6 to 8 interested organizations to enrol in a guided transformation of the organization towards becoming engaged and therefore have a chance to be creative. Currently, we are looking for funding. If your organization is interested in participating in our project and benefit from our knowledge please do send me an email to, we look forward to hearing from you.

Don’t despair! you, and your team, can be creative.

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